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Poll: Most MacMagazine readers are Mac users since 2010-2013

In the past few weeks, we've asked you, our readers, since when are you Mac users.

From 2,581 who answered the survey, 19.9% ??a very considerable number (still?) said they were not Mac users. This in itself is an interesting fact, but we will focus the analysis on the remaining 80.1%.

Here is the graph based on their responses:

Poll - Since when do you use Mac?

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The graph shows the percentage of those who answered that they were Mac users since the periods that we determined in the poll. As you can see, most (49.3% almost half) migrated to the Apple platform between 2010 and 2013, with another 30.9% between 2005 and 2009.

The clear trend line: there is a current growth in the adoption of Macs, probably due to the famous ?Halo Effect? consumers have a good experience first with an iPod, iPhone or iPad, then decide to try Ma's computers.

The new poll that is already on the air, on the right side column of our website deals with the controversy that we raised yesterday: is it felt on an 8GB iPhone, in the middle of 2014? Participate!