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iPad 9.7 ″ and iPhone XR were the devices most benefited from Christmas sales

Ah, the Christmas a period in which every manufacturer, store and retailer places their last hopes in order to earn some extra change or save a period not so good in terms of sales. As 2018 does not seem to have been the best of years for Apple, the company was certainly looking forward to the performance of its products at the holidays and, apparently, the wait has kept good results.

The analysis firm Localytics carried out a survey of the activations of new devices in the world during Christmas week, comparing the numbers of each model with the average of the previous three weeks to determine which products had a greater jump in their activations (and, therefore, sales) during the Christmas period. To the satisfaction of many people in Cupertino, Ma's devices occupied the entire Top 5, with iPads reigning absolute in metrics:

Jumping on iPhones Activations over the Christmas Season, Localytics

O 6th generation iPad it was the one that most benefited from Santa Claus, with a 219% jump in activations during the Christmas period. He was followed by 11-inch iPad Pro (+ 125%), for the almost dying, good to remember iPad mini 4 (+ 108%), by the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro (+ 99%) and, finally, at iPhone XR (+ 88%).

Localytics recalled that the jump in iPad activations can be attributed mainly to promotions offered by major American retailers, such as Amazon, Target and Walmart. In relation to the iPhone XR, the firm noted that the increase in activations of the device during the Christmas period is the largest presented by an iPhone model in recent years, the second place in the metrics is the iPhone 6s, l in 2015, with a jump of 52%. In 2018, iPhones XS and XS Max saw their activations grow 49% and 36% in the week of Christmas, respectively.

Jumping on iPhones Activations over the Christmas Season, Localytics

In relation to market shares, the jump of the iPhone XR during the Christmas period made it advance some houses; now, the device has 1.83% of the base of active iPhones in the world. For comparison, the iPhone XS has 2.33%, the XS Max has 3.15% and the iPhone 7 remains the leader among his brothers, with a share 15.91%.

iPhones active in December 2018 by model, Localytics

Have you contributed to the numbers above? If you won or bought any Ma gadget at Christmas, leave your story below.

via Apple World Today