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In 2010, Steve Jobs reportedly told Apple executives that the company would not launch a television

Television. There has been a * rumor * surrounding the Apple name for a while. Yes, it is true that we also have the ?iWatch? (supposed watch / smart bracelet), but everything indicates that this would be a project of the ?Era Tim Cook?, while a supposed Ma television would still be something thought and designed by Steve Jobs.

There is an analyst praying for this television to come out as soon as possible (thus, his forecasts would become real once and for all), but a new information released by Business Insider you can stop this rumor once and for all.

iTVIn his new book entitled Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs, journalist Yukari Iwatani Kane (formerWall Street Journal) addresses an episode in which Jobs would have denied that the company would launch a television shortly before he passed away.

Everything would have happened in one of the annual meetings that the company promotes with its 100 most important executives. Such a meeting should be secret and no participant could comment on matters with anyone, as new products and important information about Apple's business as a whole were addressed at meetings (which usually took place in a resort).

In 2010, after showing the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover to such executives, Jobs (already with a weakened appearance due to the cancer) sat down and said:

You have Steve Jobs sitting right here. You are my team and you can ask me anything you want. I don't care how stupid or insulted it is. I want to make you feel comfortable about any questions you have about the company.

It was then that someone asked if Apple would launch a television, as rumors about it already existed. The answer? "At the. TV is a terrible business. They do not return and the (profit) margins are horrible, ?said Jobs. Unlike iPhones, which are very profitable and replaced every two years, TV is replaced every 8 years and is not as profitable.

He also said that Apple TV would continue to be a hobby (hobby) until Apple got all the content needed to make it more important.

As I said, Jobs' statement could kill rumors involving a television once and for all, right? Wrong. We know that the former CEO of Apple does not have a reliable history with this type of claims. He said it didn't make sense to watch videos on iPods, and shortly afterwards he released the iPod video. He also said that Apple could not offer much to the phone market, but shortly afterwards introduced the iPhone to the world.

As much as, for me, a television does not make much sense personally I bet more on the current strategy of the company with its set-top box (Apple TV), there is a lot of hot information that Ma would be working on a kind of television. The author of Steve Jobs' authorized biography has already commented that he left alleged information about "iTV" out of the book because it would not be fair to the company to talk about a product not yet released.

Why then would Jobs have denied everything at the meeting? Some executives think it was a message for people to stay focused on what they were doing instead of imagining things about supposed / future products.

The question remains: could it be that Jobs was misleading or being honest with his team?

Book cover Haunted Empire: Apple After Steve Jobs

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