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Glass panel has not yet been exchanged at the Apple Retail Store in New York; see Mac Pro on display

Almost three weeks ago, a snow removal vehicle broke through one of the glass panels of the famous Apple Retail Store – Fifth Avenue, in New York, and since then we have commented that replacing him would not be a simple matter.

Because as the reader informed us Loigi Fujii, who lives in NYC, the whole process is still going on little by little.

Glass panel being exchanged in NYCGlass panel being exchanged in NYC

As you can see in these photos we received last weekend, a team of professionals has been working daily to replace the panel in the safest way possible and without the store stopping.

Glass panel being exchanged in NYCGlass panel being exchanged in NYC

The glass cube was ?re-opened? in November 2011, months after a modernization / simplification project was presented by Apple. From 90, the cube had only 15 large glass panels. The entire renovation cost Apple more than $ 6.6 million.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Loigi also recently visited the Apple Retail Store – SoHo and sent us photos of the new Mac Pro in demonstration:

Mac Pro on display at an Apple StoreMac Pro on display at an Apple Store

The Mac Pro in demonstration is not new, but that unit exposed to the side with its insides revealed, yes. As this is one of the main highlights of the machine, it is certainly a great idea to present it that way.

The monitor to which the Mac Pro is connected is the Sharp 4K model that can be included (for $ 3,600) when purchasing the computer through the American Apple Online Store.