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FirstTech: World's first Apple reseller is closing its doors after 37 years of history

Employees of FirstTech, located in Minneapolis (in the US state of Minnesota), were informed yesterday (3/19) of the closure of the company's activities, which has accumulated 73 years of activity. The final act of the first Apple reseller in the world has a date: March 29.


Although FirstTech's history began in 1941 (its origins go back to the company Z Radio, founded by Maury and Betty Zuckman), it joins the Cupertino firm in 1977, when it started selling Apple personal computers (starting with Apple II). According to the website TwinCities.comAfter 37 years working in the personal computer market, the company that celebrated its 35th anniversary as a reseller of Ma in 2012 closed its two stores and laid off a team of 75 employees due to a significant reduction in business margins.

According to Fred Evans (product manager), the company has no way of facing national distributors that often offer machines with prices below cost.

These sellers are basically willing to sell computers below cost, in search of a national trade service. There has been a huge change in the market, particularly in recent years.

Another determining factor for the end of FirstTech was the expansion of Apple Retail Stores. To give you an idea, only in the MinneapolisSaint Paul area, where it is located and company, Apple has five official stores. According to Evans, the relationship between the giant and the reseller was ?friendly and productive?, with recommendations from Ma to customers who wanted to repair older Macs.

The article also points out some interesting stories about the company, such as that of Pete Paulsen, who was responsible for the sale of her first computer and who quickly became FirstTech's first general manager; and that of the first buyer of the Apple II, also the first buyer of the Lisa and the company's first Macintosh customer to date.

The company is now conducting a promotion to close activities with discounts on all products. If a trip to Minneapolis is on your agenda, be sure to visit FirstTech and get to know a little bit of Apple's history.

(via ifoAppleStore)