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Find out how Gmail works on Google Android

Unlike other phones and smartphones, the T-Mobile G1, the first device to support Android OS, has a capacity It is very interesting to synchronize data with the Google cloud, which makes it possible to make changes on the desktop, and in real time, view them on your mobile phone. Or vice versa.

Gmail is no different. You can download documents and MP3s, manage and view bookmarks, star in your girlfriend's emails and archive messages, save drafts, and of course, report spam. All effects of these actions are automatically displayed on the desktop version of the product.

On Android you don't need to keep checking your mailbox, let alone ?clicking? on an outdated reload button. When an email arrives, Android notifies you with an [email protected]? at the top of the interface, just drag your finger down the screen and read your new emails.

Here's how simple to use Gmail on Android: