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DJ Ebro Darden takes office focused on hip-hop and R&B at Apple

The new year has arrived, but for the Apple Music things continue in the same wave focused mainly on hip hop and in R&B, two of the most innovative and popular musical genres of today. To keep up with this scenario, Apple signed an important contract today and the DJ Ebro Darden start working at the company full time, as informed by Billboard.

Darden already has a very important link with Apple: he was one of the three early DJs at Beats 1, along with Zane Lowe and Julie Adenuga, and also presents a daily program on the radio. Now, he will take on the role of Apple Music's ?global editorial head? of hip-hop and R&B, managing a team of editors dedicated to the genre who are responsible for ?developing strategies for artists, albums and music releases? in the United States and in the world.

Even with the new position, Darden will continue to present his program at Beats 1. He will also remain in New York to present the traditional program "Ebro in the Morning" on the local radio HOT 97, every morning.

According to the DJ, his role at Apple will bring his influence in the world of hip-hop and R&B to Apple and expand his work to other countries, such as Brazil:

If we do our job, we will be able to reach the community level and connect with people not only to help artists serve their communities, but also to bring prosperity to those communities. This is a global position, so I will do the same thing that I do in the USA in the United Kingdom, Africa, India, Japan, Brazil and other countries. I will be where R&B and hip-hop are being consumed and I will work to establish communication between communities around the world through Apple Music making sure that black music is being recognized and developing the next superstars.

Nice, huh? It is rooted for him to be successful in his hard task.

via MacRumors