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Apple Watch is already bigger than the iPod in its historic maximum

Amid so many difficulties faced by Apple with the sale of iPhones, it is possible to say that the company was smart (and ?lucky?) when launching a device that fell in the favor of consumers; I speak, of course, of Apple Watch.

That the gadget the company's wearable is a sales success, not a novelty; but to get an idea of ??the popularity of the device, the Apple Watch is now a bigger deal than the iPod in its historic maximum, as the analyst reported Horace Dediu.

Apple device revenue amounts

Although the iPod currently represents an almost zero share of the total revenue earned by Apple, there was a time when that device was by far the flagship of the Cupertino giant. The peak was, as seen in the chart above, the fourth quarter of 2010, shortly after Ma launched the sixth generation of iPod nano and the fourth generation of the touch model.

The chart also highlights what Dediu believes was a monstrous quarter for the Apple Watch, apparently driven by the Series 4, launched last September. In fact, we will only know the popularity of this model with (future) surveys on the total sales of the watch this quarter.

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The analyst also shared another surprising data from the smartwatch da Ma: soon, the ?Wearable? category (in which the Apple Watch is inserted) may exceed the revenue obtained by the Mac and iPad. Thus, the revenue obtained by the gadget it should join that of the ?Services? category, which has been growing at an accelerated pace for some quarters.

Revenue growth by category

Without wanting to be rude, but when something really innovative hits the market, this is usually the result. See, Apple? ?

via Cult of Mac