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Apple suffers lawsuits involving Siri and iOS keyboard

Another day, another process to take up space at Cupertino's lawyers' table, I mean, not today. Today there are two.


The first one involves Siri and comes from a company based in the American state of Arizona called AVRS (Advanced Voice Recognition Systems, Inc.), whose specialty is speech recognition technology. According to documents obtained by the MacRumors, the company accused Apple of violating, with its assistant, a 2001 patent registered on its property.

Siri answering questions about the World Cup

The process provides quite detailed technical details about the patent; basically speaking, the protocols employed by Siri for the assistant to recognize the user?s speech would be supposedly similar to those created by AVRS, which claimed to have such technologies since 1994. The company also said that Apple has been aware of the patent since at least 2013 and previous attempts to contact Cupertino have not been successful.

It is good to note that AVRS technologies do not appear to be being used in any product or service currently available to the public, which may well characterize the company as a notorious one. patent troll for that, however, we will have to wait for the case to end. Apple will still respond to the lawsuit and, from then on, the next steps of the judicial imbroglio will be resolved.

IOS keyboard

The second case of the day has to do with the iOS keyboard and the technologies employed by Apple in this basic element of the system. The Japanese inventor Toshiyasu Abe filed a lawsuit against Ma in the US state of Oregon, claiming that his creations, contained in a patent registered in the United States in 2003, were improperly used by Cupertino on the keyboard of the mobile operating system.

Third-party keyboard on iOS

What are these creations, exactly? Well, the long list and part of elements (today) absolutely trivial, like the act of pressing and holding a key to open extra options related to it, accented letters or the concept of a virtual keyboard (that is, digital keys arranged on a touch screen).

The patent would also cover functions introduced by Apple with the arrival of 3D Touch, as it describes the detection of applied force or movement on the keyboard to activate various functions; The process cake also includes functionality "Flick"Introduced in iOS 11 for iPad is one in which the user simply slides his finger upwards on a key to enter an alternative character, such as a number or a punctuation mark. , apparently our friend on the other side of the world had many ideas before Apple

The suit involves a number of Apple-specific devices, such as all iPhone models since the 6s / 6s Plus and all iPads since the Air. Abe said that Ma had known about his patent since 2009, when he sent the first letter stating the infra; the accuser also said that he had exchanged some emails with Cupertino but the issue did not reach an agreement.

Now, the inventor asks for compensation for the misuse of his creations and the late payment of royalties that Apple is supposed to owe you. Apple has not yet ruled on the case, but it is certainly awaiting the decision of the Oregon court, which has not yet decided whether to try the case or not. We will be attentive.

via MacRumors