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Apple loses 10% of its market value after confirming weak iPhones sales

With its first fiscal quarter of 2019 (for the last quarter of 2018, from October to December) finished, Apple already has a good idea of ??the numbers that will be revealed at its next results conference scheduled for January 29 .

With this preliminary overview in hand, the CEO Tim Cook found itself obliged, just last night, to write a letter to investors adjusting the company's revenue forecast for the period (from $ 89-93 billion to $ 84 billion) and raising some possible reasons for this rare change the last time that Apple had done this was in June 2002, obviously still under the command of Steve Jobs. At the time, as John Gruber rightly noted in Daring Fireball, the adjustment was around 10% while yesterday's was 7%. The point, of course, is that the gross values ??are totally different: $ 200 million then, $ 7 billion now.

It doesn't matter that you earn $ 84 billion in a quarter yet surreal and that the sales of iPhones are only ?weak? by the standards of Apple itself (it still sold millions and millions of iPhones in the period, it will not register a new historical record this time), the bad news especially for investors / shareholders of company. And that was reflected strongly in today's NASDAQ price.

In just one day, Apple lost almost ten percent of its market value more precisely, the $ AAPL has plunged today 9.96%, taking the market cap $ 674.8 billion and allowing both Amazon and Alphabet (Google) to outperform it. Yes, Apple is now only the fourth most valuable company in the world.

Here is the summary of the day for the four giants:

PosioCompanyValue of the dayVariation of the marketMarket value
1 Microsoft $ 97.40 -3.68% $ 747.8 billion
2 Amazon $ 1,500.28 -2.52% $ 733.6 billion
3 Alphabet $ 1,016.06 -2.85% $ 709.5 billion
4 Apple $ 142.19 -9.96% $ 674.8 billion

If we look at the performance of $ AAPL since its last historic peak, recorded on the 3rd of October, of jaw-dropping. That day, the papers closed at $ 232.07 and the company was worth $ 1.121 rail. From then on, Ma's shares lost no less than 39% in value. She basically went back to where she was in July 2017.

All of this negative performance also strongly impacts Apple's suppliers / partners, some of which saw their shares plummet by 17% from yesterday to today. Several financial analysts took the day to issue notes updating their performance forecasts to $ AAPL which now range from $ 140 to $ 211.

Earlier today, Cook met with Apple employees in the Town Hall on the company's campus in Infinite Loop (Cupertino) to discuss this situation. If you paint any information about what happened there, we will let you know.