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Apple is due to retire soon, MacBook Pro without Retina display and iPad 2

Among the products that Apple currently sells (not only in Brazil, it is worth noting), two ?old? ones should be discontinued soon: the MacBook Pro without Retina display it's the iPad 2.

13-inch MacBook Pro being retired

According to a story published today by DigiTimes, Apple would be planning to finish production of the 13-inch MacBook Pro by the second half of this year, with a line composed only of models with Retina display. One of the reasons why she kept this model for sale was due to the difference in prices between them, something that she has managed to reduce with the drop in the costs of components used in modern generation.

The 15-inch model without Retina display was discontinued last year.

iPad 2 being retired

Even more extreme is the case of the iPad 2, originally launched in March 2011. With an A5 processor, 30-pin connector and no Retina display, it is already in super-reduced production and should be definitively removed from the line ?in the very future soon ?. Personally, I thought it would still happen in 2013, when the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display were launched.

After that, others that I think may go the same way in a long time include the iPhone 4, the first generation iPad mini and the iPod classic.

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