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Apple continues to lead top smartphone segment, but rivals are pulling in

A few months ago, we commented here on a search gives Counterpoint Research focused on the top of the smartphone segment ie the sale of handsets costing $ 400 or more. At the time, we found that Apple was the undisputed queen in the most expensive spheres of this segment.

Now, the firm's most recent survey, referring to the third quarter 2018, shows that Ma continues to lead, but two strong competitors are galloping to threaten the Cupertino giant in the not too distant future.

Smartphone sales in the third quarter of 2018

As usual, Counterpoint divided the data into three sectors within the research area: smartphones between $ 400 and $ 600, between $ 600 and $ 800, and those that cost over $ 800. At the top of the pyramid (which represents about 25% of the devices sold), Apple still reigns absolute: 79% of dispatched smartphones have Ma printed on them. It is worth remembering, however, that this index was 88% a mere three months ago.

In the intermediate sector, of smartphones between US $ 600 and US $ 800 (which represents about 30% of the universe), Apple also leads and had its primacy expanded, moreover: Ma grabbed 61% of the segment, against 21% of Samsung. Three months ago, that proportion was 44/41%; naturally, the launch of the iPhone XR (albeit with contested popularity) must have contributed significantly to the distance.

The thing takes the bottom part of the graph, with smartphones between $ 400 and $ 600 that represent 45% of the universe surveyed, incidentally. Apple saw its market share drop from 22% to 21% compared to the last survey, while Samsung jumped from 16% to 25% and Huawei touched Ma, with 17%. Things just didn't get uglier for Apple because the OPPO suffered a tremendous retraction, falling from 22% to current 7%.

According to Counterpoint, most of Apple's sales come from developed countries, such as U.S, China, Japan and some of Western Europe in all of them, the market leader. The company falls to second place, losing to Samsung, in locations like Latin America, a central Europe it's the Eastern Europe. J in ndia, importantssimo market, Apple only the third place, losing to Samsung and the leader OnePlus.

Are there prospects for changes in this scenario in 2019?

via Patently Apple