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Zorin Grid is the new tool from Zorin to manage PC with ZorinOS

In an official announcement on its blog, the Zorin Group commented that in the past 10 years, the company has brought a new and better computer experience to countless users around the world, and that it now intends to take another leap, enabling advanced technology to companies, schools and organizations.

The tool aims to automate some processes, which, if made by PC, would take a lot of time and money. The main ones are:

Install and remove applications;

Define a policy for software updates and security patches;

Computer status monitoring;

Apply security policies;

Monitor the inventory of PC software and hardware;

Define settings for the desktop.

According to Zorin Group, the process will be very simple, facilitating the IT department of the company, organization or school.

When a new PC is incorporated, just install the client software and accept the enrollment in the Zorin Grid Panel. In addition, you will be able to leave applications, system configurations and the like pre-configured, without having to generate a system ISO for each department or group, just leaving it configured in the Zorin Grid. They also commented, that Zorin Grid will be compatible with other Linux distros.

They also left a guide for migrating from Windows to ZorinOS, which you can consult here.

This type of tool really makes a difference when implementing a project, in which you can automate and streamline processes as much as possible, thus not leaving idle workstations. I believe that this tool comes in the paid version of the system (Ultimate) and for schools / universities (Education) and then for the Lite and Core versions, but without any support from the ZorinOS team. Let's wait and see.

Arrival forecast in the summer of the northern hemisphere or in our winter.

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