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Seminal game sequence from the App Store, Trism II is now available

If you?re, say, a veteran of the iPhone world, you?ve certainly heard of the game Trism. Otherwise, I explain: this is one of the ?original? apps, which debuted in the app store only one day after its opening, so it will be completing a decade of existence tomorrow, July 11th.

The puzzle was one of the pioneers in the ?joint-three? mechanics (which consists of joining three pieces of the same shape or color), which influenced later classics like Candy Crush and the like. He remains firm and strong on the App Store, but to celebrate the milestone, his developer, Steve Demeter, is going one step further and presenting Trism II.

Defined as ?a mix between Zelda and Bejeweled?, the new title retains the mechanics of the original but introduces a story with a beginning, middle and end, with an open world that brings subquests and content in episodes.

Trism II, in fact, has been in development since 2010, but has gone through numerous planning stages (and several setbacks, such as the arrival of competing titles with similar proposals) until it reaches where we are today. Now, Demeter thinks he has found the perfect formula to expand the concept of his original creation and there really couldn't be a better time.

Even Apple's senior vice president of global marketing Phil Schiller celebrated the news on his Twitter:

Hello, #Trism IIH ten years ago we played Trism for the first time !! # Apple #AppStore

Trism II is available on the App Store for R $ 10. It is worth checking!

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