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Render shows what an “iPhone XI” might look like with three rear cameras

After an avalanche of smartphone launches with two, the market is now seeing some models with three or even more cameras. And rumors about a possible iPhone with three rear cameras not just before the 2018 launches, there was a rumor that the iPhone X Max could come equipped with three cameras.

If this news was already circulating in 2018, it is clear that in 2019 they will turn even more strongly. And they started: as reported by the Digit, the ever-well-informed @OnLeaks believes that Apple will launch three devices in 2019, at least one of them with such three rear cameras.

Render of

Do not ask me why the arrangement of these three cameras would be like this, in this somewhat unusual format (who knows for issues involving internal space, this module dedicated to them and the presence of 3D long distance ToF technology but the truth is that, for now, no one can say).

According to @OnLeaks, iPhones are at the stage called EVT (engineering validation test, or engineering validation test) and, of course, changes to the project may still happen.

As the surrender above does not give an exact notion of the size of the device, we have no way of spiking whether only the Max model would come equipped like this or if the ?normal? model (of 5.8 ?) would also receive such a novelty in the hardware. This third camera would be dedicated to more quickly recognizing an object in order to create 3D models, being able to perform this task even in the dark (casting laser pulses on the object and measuring the time it takes the laser to return to the sensor) and having a good impact on augmented and virtual reality technologies.

Apart from that part of the camera, the device itself would be very similar to the current ones. According to Twitter's @UniverseIce profile, only in 2020 would Apple abandon the notch in favor of a small dot / hole in the display (perhaps similar to the devices that are popping up for now, like the Galaxy A8s) the same profile "confirmed" that these new renders they are ?true?.

The fact that the devices come with three cameras would come as no surprise; what would surprise me would be that it has absolutely no relation to possible improvements in the image capture itself. Okay, it could be that this new 3D camera helps a lot in Portrait Mode or something similar, but the fact that today we have a beautiful Portrait Mode even on the iPhone XR, which has only one camera.

In my view, Apple is falling short in low-light night photos. And apparently, she doesn't think about putting a third camera to help with this task, as Huawei did on the P20 Pro when placing a monochrome sensor.

But the fact that we are still a long way from the launch of the iPhones of 2019 and, until then, many waters will still roll under this bridge called "Rumors".

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