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Razer Laptop Control Project is an open source project to manage Razer laptops

Project aimed at those who have Razer laptops and need control of RGBs and fans.

The great magic of the open source world provides solutions for features in which companies refuse or neglect to port to Linux, and thus fill that gap.

  Razer Laptop Control Project an open source project to manage Razer laptops And that?s what happened to a dev who had a notebook / laptop from Razer and I couldn?t control their fans and the modified power mode, which Razer Synapse does, but not Linux. There is software for Razer devices on Linux, the OpenRazer, but has a focus on lighting and RGBs. We made a post about OpenRazer. In the video below, you can see how the program will work.

If you have a laptop / notebook from Razer and want to test this tool, just go to the GitHub page and follow the procedures for doing so.

Very cool to see these tools being created in the community and bringing facilities, these being neglected by companies.

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