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Python Event in Caxias do Sul – Rio Grande do Sul

The Python community of Caxias do Sul promotes an event on the programming language.

If you like programming and are interested in the subject or are already in the business, the community and Python of Caxias do Sul have a very nice event for you!

Python Event in Caxias do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul

On March 14, 2020, there will be the pyCaxias event at UCS (University of Caxias do Sul – Campus Headquarters – Caxias do Sul / RS) on the Python language, which will last practically all day, starting at 08:00 and ending there at 18:00. At the event, practices will be applied to popularize and disseminate knowledge about the python language.

Registrations can be made until 02/20/2020, with the right to a t-shirt of the event, or until 03/13/2020, without the right to the gift.

Registration that entitles you to one (1) shirt, will cost R $ 35 (+ R $ 3.50 fee). I already register without the right to a free shirt. For more information on registration, you can consult this link.

About the agenda and speakers, you can check this other link and follow along.

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