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Pretend surprise: Google Maps is the most popular navigation app

Although all the map applications are at our disposal to provide the best in navigation, it is difficult not to have that specific app that appeals to you the most. Among the factors that contribute to the choice of the favorite navigation app are the look, the functionality, the ease of handling or these three characteristics together.

Whether due to limited resources (as in Brazil) or because it is only available for Ma devices, the Apple Maps not very popular here and, it seems, not even among gringos. According to a survey conducted by The Manifest with users in the US, Apple Maps came in third, with 11% popularity, behind the Google Maps It's from Waze.

Searching for navigation apps

With 67% and a wide margin of difference for the second place, Google Maps occupied the top among the most popular navigation applications. Compared to Waze, which came in second with 12%, Google Maps is preferred by almost 6x more people!

Also according to the survey, some of the features of the Google navigation app that allowed this triggered position are the comprehensive data (location information, suggestions and the Street View) and better orientations than most other GPS applications.

When compared to Apple Maps, the Google application provides a greater number of details and information from the same location, as seen in the image below captured by The Manifest from the state capital of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg.

Searching for navigation apps

However, the future for Apple Maps looks promising. At the end of last month, we commented that the maps of Ma will undergo a complete reconstruction, with its own data and a wealth of details compared to the version currently available.

With future changes, who knows, Apple Maps will become a more popular navigation app. What do you think?

via 9to5Mac