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Poderá Apple may launch revamped MacBooks Air as early as next week [atualizado 2x]

New 11 and 13 inch MacBooks Air tilted sideways

According to the French website MacGeneration (Google Translate), Apple would be ready to launch MacBooks Air (11 and 13 inch) updated already next week but this would probably be a ?routine? upgrade, bringing the newest ?Haswell? processors from Intel and other general improvements like higher capacity SSDs (nothing from a completely new generation with Retina screen, for example). The last change in the line, it is worth remembering, occurred in June 2013 during WWDC. (Cult of Mac)

Updated by Eduardo Marques · 04/28/2014 s 14:36

According to the 9to5Mac, the new MacBooks Air will be released tomorrow (4/29). The J41A and J43A machines have everything to be just a routine update including new processors, internal improvements (perhaps Thunderbolt 2 ports), etc. That is, do not wait for a new design or Retina screens, for example.

Update II, by Eduardo Marques · 04/28/2014 s 16:06

Supposed box image of the new MacBooks Air

As far as the supposed case image of a new 13-inch MacBook Air indicates, we will only have an upgrade on the ?Haswell? processors (from 1.3GHz to 1.4GHz) and nothing more. Not even the Thunderbolt 2 arrives for now. (9to5Mac)