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New MacBooks Air brings modest 6-8% gains in processing power [atualizado]

As you followed, Apple launched yesterday morning MacBooks Air updated but she just did a small upgrade on the machine?s processor.

To prove Apple's claim, the iFixit guys opened a unit and saw that everything inside was identical to the model launched in 2013, with the exception of the processor now with a clock 100MHz higher.

New MacBook Air processor

But what does this mean in practice? Not much, as shown by the first tests of benchmark that are coming to the Geekbench Browser. Comparing the previous generation's average numbers with the new ones, the gains were about 6% in the score single-core and 8% in multi-core. That is, in tasks of the day something almost imperceptible.

The good thing about these new ?Haswell? chips from Intel that they also helped to slightly improve the battery life of these new Airs: Apple now promises up to 9 hours on the 11 inch model and up to 12 hours on the 13 inch model, a gain of up to 2 hours when playing movies via iTunes, for example.

Perhaps the best news of these new Airs has been the $ 100 reduction across the board in the United States (the first time Apple sells a Mac notebook for $ 899), something the company decided not to reflect in Brazil. On April 1 (unfortunately it was not a lie), the four models received an average increase of 11.48% and, even with this reduction outside, the values ??here remained the same.

For now, we are still expecting some major launch for 2014, possibly a new MacBook (Air / Pro?) With a 12-inch Retina display.

MacBook Air for thumbnailMacBook Air

Price: from R $ 4,229.10 (or 12 times from R $ 391,58)Models: 11 and 13 inchesCurrent generation: beginning of 2014

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(via AppleInsider)

Update · 05/02/2014 s 16:33

Primate Labs compiled graphs that better show what we talked about above:

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks Air

Benchmarks of the new MacBooks Air

Note that the 2013 models that appear at the top of the charts are those customized with the 1.7GHz processor, which is also available for newly launched MacBooks Air.

They note that, although the difference between the 2013 models and the 2014 models is small, the jump made since 2011 is significant, reaching 45%. Those who still have one of those times and decide to change, therefore, feel a considerable improvement.

Bad news came in other tests carried out by Macworld: according to them, for some strange reason the performance of the flash drives of the new Airs (well) worse than the previous ones. Apple uses three different SSD vendors Samsung, Toshiba and SanDisk, which can tell you a little about that. However, I would not be surprised if a future firmware update for the new machines resolves this discrepancy.