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New generation of sensors could reduce the size of iPhones notch

Earlier today, we showed renders of possible new iPhones with three rear cameras and we said that ?the device itself would be very similar to the current ones?. Well, maybe not so much.

THE AMS, supplier of proximity and ambient light sensors that compose the various technologies present in the iPhones TrueDepth system with Face ID, today announced in Austria a new generation of the component that works behind OLED screens.

Obviously, if Apple adopts this new generation of sensors, it means that a good space will be freed up in the clipping (notch) of the devices, allowing it to become smaller.

The new chip developed by AMS, called TCS3701, measures 2.0 × 2.5 × 0.5mm. Manufacturers will be able to purchase it at a rate of $ 1.25 / each for purchases of 1,000 units; obviously, with Apple's gigantic volume, trading should be much better.

This is certainly another important step for a future of smartphones whose front part is, in fact, 100% screen.

via Reuters