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Malware attacks on computers with macOS grow in 2019 | Security

The number of malware to attack macOS has been growing in 2019, according to data from security company Malwarebytes. Viruses made for Apple devices accounted for 16% of total attacks this year, considering other systems like Windows and Android. Although not a very large percentage, the number is noteworthy because the base of devices with the Apple system has historically been smaller than the number of PCs with the Microsoft platform.

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In addition, the number of malware detected by devices is also a concern. Windows PCs identified 4.2 threats per device this year, while Macs detected 9.8 malware – more than double that of the rival system.

Malware attacking macOS grows in 2019 Photo: Pond5Malware attacking macOS grows in 2019 Photo: Pond5

Malware attacking macOS grows in 2019 Photo: Pond5

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Another sign that attacks on macOS have grown is that, for the first time, malware for the system appears among the top five threats detected this year. Known as Mac New Tab, the virus came in second in the ranking and was found in 4% of infected devices. It usually appears as an extension of Google Chrome or Safari to modify web pages.

Fifth place on the overall list also came with malware for macOS. The malicious program PUP.PCVARK usually appears as copies of Advanced MacKeeper and was found on 3% of devices.

Most of the viruses for the Apple system identified by Malwarebytes are adware, programs designed to distribute advertising on computers. Therefore, they have a low level of risk. Still, it is important to protect yourself: watch out for sites that automatically download files and do not run them under any circumstances, in addition to having a good antivirus installed on your device.

Via Malwarebytes and TechRadar

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