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Linux on smartphones: Check out more news about Plasma Mobile

From time to time, the Plasma Mobile development team releases new features and bug fixes that have been implemented in the system. Check now what were the news brought by the devs in the last few weeks.

more-news-about-plasma-mobile Plasma Mobile is far from being a strong competitor to Android or iOS, but little by little, something big is being built. As you can check in this article, the developers responsible for maintaining Plasma Mobile, although not many, work daily to improve the system, fixing bugs and implementing new features.

We will begin to address the new updates by talking about Calindori, the calendar application and task scheduler, present in Plasma Mobile. The way in which new notes or tasks are added on specific dates in the calendar has been improved. Now when selecting a date, and opening its context window (which will slide from the left side of the screen), the selected date is displayed as the title of the window in question.


The way this context window is displayed when the system is being used in desktop mode has also been adjusted. Instead of a drawer, which slides from the left side of the screen, in desktop mode there will be a hamburger menu in the upper right corner, from which the task window can be accessed.


Still on Calindori, it now offers a more simplistic view of scheduled tasks. In this format, instead of the entire calendar, it is possible to view only a list of cards, one card for each scheduled task, organized in chronological order.

tasks-scheduled-in-block-mode The Kaidan application, an instant messaging client that makes use of the protocol XMPP, some changes were implemented, of which we can highlight:

Sending voice and video messages from within the application;

Camera functionality that allows you to take photos from within the application;

Sharing the location through a message;

Play audio and video files directly within the chat;

Added function to search for messages within the conversation.

Spacebar, the application responsible for sending SMS messages has also received some improvements.

It is now possible to use emojis in unicode format;

Added loading animation to the conversations page;

Fixed displaying numbers and names of contacts. Before, in some cases, instead of names and numbers, only undefined was displayed.

The design of the conversation page has been improved, improving the use of space, and making the page look cleaner.

Other updates are:

The public transport assistant KTrip will now display additional notes regarding schedules and connections for monitored transports;

The Angelfish Web Browser has been renamed to Angelfish only;

A standard avatar is now displayed next to the name of contacts who do not have a defined image;

plasma-mobile-phone-book From what I could see in the last few posts, released in the last few months, Plasma Mobile is not yet a system that is ready enough to be used on a daily basis by anyone. Some very basic things are still being fixed and implemented. However, I believe that in the long term medium, Plasma Mobile, as well as Ubuntu Touch (which we have already discussed in this and in this articles), may be a good alternative to Android and iOS.

Did you already know Plasma Mobile, or even Ubuntu Touch? What do you think about these mobile versions of graphical interfaces and Linux distributions? Does it really have a future? Tell us in the comments!

If you want to contribute to the development of Plasma Mobile, whether in programming, design or translation, access on here and on here. Do you like Linux and technology? Do you have any questions or problems that you cannot solve? Come be part of our community in Diolinux Plus!

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