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Judge reduces damages that Apple will have to pay WiLAN from $ 145 to just $ 10 million

In August last year, Apple was ordered by a San Diego (California, United States) jury to pay $ 145.1 million WiLAN a classic Patent troll, a subsidiary of Quarterhill.

Today, in response to an appeal filed by Apple, Judge Dana Sabraw reiterated that it was in fact infringing WiLAN patents 8,457,145 and 8,537,757, related to wireless communication technologies on the iPhone, but reduced the damage that company having to pay for just $ 10 million.

Sabraw also gave WiLAN an alternative to dismiss the previous trial and start a new one that again determines the amount Apple will have to pay it.

In a statement, WiLAN said it was "open to a fair and reasonable deal with Apple" but it is difficult for Apple to negotiate with Patent trolls.

via Patently Apple