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iPhone and Apple Watch help rescue woman trapped in submerging car

In this episode of ?How iGadgets help save lives ?, a iPhone it is a Apple Watch contributed to the rescue of an American woman in Hillsborough (Florida, United States), who suffered a car accident during the dawn of the first day of the year.

Amanda Antonio, 20, told rescuers in Hillsborough that she used her Apple Watch to locate the iPhone and call 911 after her car had run and fallen into a ditch full of mud and water, where she began to sink as she reported. Spectrum Bay News 9.

Accident in Hillsborough, Florida

With the Apple Watch feature to locate the iPhone, she found that the device was already submerged and with only 4% battery. Still, he managed to call 911 while the car was submerged.

As if the desperation of waiting until the rescue arrived was not enough, the rescuers could not find the girl. About 20 minutes after the first contact, Amanda realized that she could open the Google Maps app, which helped to more accurately locate the accident site.

When the rescuers arrived, the water was already at the height of the young woman's head, who happily was rescued without any serious injury.

It was not disclosed what were the models of gadgets that she used, but it is possible to infer that the Apple Watch is a GPS model, since she needed the iPhone to connect; the phone, in turn, can be an iPhone 7 or later (models that have some level of protection against water).

As they say over the years, the devices have done ?no more than their duty?. Still, good to know that the technology (especially the connection between Apple devices) helped in yet another ?life and death? case.

via Cult of Mac