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Inexplicably, prices for practically all Macs go up a lot in Brazil [atualizado]

We'd love this to be a April Fool's joke, but no. From yesterday to today, Apple Brazil has considerably increased the prices of virtually all Macs.

This time, the only ones that stayed "the same" were the iMacs and the 15-inch MacBooks Pro with Retina display.

Apple logo on Brazilian flag

O MacMagazine found all the price changes, check the tables below:

Increases in Mac prices in Brazil

In general terms, the values ??rose 11.18%, which is even curious considering that from the end of January to the dollar * it fell * almost 6%.

We contacted the press office to obtain a position from Apple Brazil. If we receive it, we will update this article.

(tip from Rodrigo Pinto)

Update · 04/02/2014 s 17:50

Unfortunately all iPods they also went up in price.