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IaaSWeek is coming, see how to participate!

If you are always looking for ways to become professional, the tip to stay tuned at IaaSWeek, promoted by our friend Jeferson Fernando Noronha (LinuxTips), check it out.

Join the IaaS week

The central idea of ??IaaSWeek is to dedicate a week to talk about infrastructure as a code, because we know that little is said about the subject. This week, topics such as Terraform, Packer and Ansible will be commented on, in a super practical and totally free way!

In cloud computing, Infrastructure as a Service (Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS) is the party responsible for providing all the necessary infrastructure for PaaS and SaaS. The main objective of IaaS is to make it easier and more accessible to provide resources, such as servers, network, storage and other essential computing resources to build an on-demand environment, which can incorporate operating systems and applications.

To participate for free at IaaSWeek, online, just register at this address.

Good studies!

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