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Google and Valve work to bring Steam to Chromebooks

The year has just begun and we already have news that could change the game market in 2020, which would be the entry of Chromebooks to run games.

The specialized website AndroidPolice, through its reporter David Ruddock, gave the information that Google is working on bringing official Steam support to Chrome OS. The information he obtained from the Director of Product Management for Chrome OS (Director of Product Management for Google's Chrome THE), Kan Liu, at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

According to Ruddock, Liu launched a kind of bomb, which the Chrome team is working on, quite possibly in cooperation with Valve, to bring Steam support to the Chromebooks.

Liu did not give a project timeline or timeline, but that it would be activated through the Linux compatibility that Chrome OS has. In 2018 Chrome OS started supporting apps Linux on it, through the Crostini platform, which you can see our coverage in this post.

Ruddock comments that currently running Steam with the Crostini compatibility layer does not perform close to acceptable, even compared to Steam on native systems and that are similar to Chrome OS, such as Ubuntu, ZorinOS, Manjaro and others Linux distributions. In that I have to agree with him, because at first Chromebooks are geared towards having a low power consumption and thus last longer out of an outlet. Besides doing well for trivial things, like editing a spreadsheet, editing a text, watching a video on Youtube and so on.

But it seems that Google wants to change that, so much so that lately Chromebooks came with more storage and processing power, with some versions coming with i7 and up to 16GB of ram, like Pixelbooks Go.

And that's exactly what Liu said to Ruddock, that we can expect more powerful Chromebooks, especially with AMD's GPU (APU) that would be coming. He also told us to keep an eye out for the arrival of Chromebooks with dedicated Radeon graphics. There were no answers as to whether they would come with NVIDIA GPUs, and there was no comment on whether that would compete or hinder Google's gaming platform, Stadia.

Now what I think and think of this is possible coming from Steam for Chrome OS. Well, that would be very good, as it would be more of a Linux system running games and that it has a technology giant behind it, Google. This could attract many game developers to the platform and thus port their games to Linux, using for example Vulkan and thus optimizing them. With that, all distros would benefit. I think I could come to other stores and games, like an Epic Games Store, Uplay, Rockstar Launcher, Fortnite, PUBG and so on. That would also solve the big stone in the shoes of Linux in online games, the blessed anti-cheats, who keep barring WINE / DXVK / Proton because they think they are emulation or anything else they think. I venture to say that if Steam comes to Chrome OS and works well, other companies can bring their products to Linux, such as Ms. Adobe, Corel, AutoCad (AutoDesk) and in addition to the smaller companies that make ERP, they would also come a good bring your products to the penguin.

If you want to see the full story of AndroidPolice, just access it here. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum. I hope you see you next time, a strong hug.

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