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GNOME 3.36 will bring improvements in the exchange of GPUs in hybrid notebooks

2019 was really a very positive year for hybrid notebook users, equipment that has two video cards, one for the processor (iGPU) usually being from Intel and one dedicated (dGPU) that mostly from NVIDIA.

First it started with the news that Ubuntu 19.04 would give you the possibility to install the NVIDIA driver already in the format, by downloading the driver and installing it. Then came that Ubuntu 19.10 would come with the driver already included in the ISO, thus facilitating offline installation. Finally, it was Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS including the drivers as well. Then, we saw NVIDIA making a very wide range of its documentation available and thus making life easier for the developers of the Nouveau open source driver. The full story on this milestone, you can check it out here. Soon afterwards, NVIDIA's developers worked on PRIME, a technology that allows the user to use the NVIDIA dGPU only in some cases, such as games, rendering programs, in OBS Studio and so on. We also made a chachu beauty cover and you can check it out through this link. 5 days ago, Monday, December 9, 2019, NVIDIA launched on its website, that at the GPU Technology Conference 2020 it will participate in a lecture on Open Source, Linux Kernel, and NVIDIA, presented by the main software engineer at NVIDIA, John Hubbard. The full story you can check here. Now, in the 40 minutes of 2 Tempo, another great news comes to hybrid notebook users, and it comes from the Gnome people. The developer Bastien Nocera made a post on his blog, about the improvements and news that I saw in Gnome 3.36 and Linux Fedora, for those who need to switch between the GPUs. He comments that the possibility of clicking with the right button on top of a program and having it run with the dGPU already existed but did not work with the NVIDIA proprietary driver. This is about to change. According to Bastien, the solution that existed and was made by him, had many errors in the detection code, the switcheroo-control.

According to him, the error occurred because to make this exchange, it was necessary to use vga_switcheroo in the kernel, and the NVIDIA driver did not have it. In addition, Gnome Shell was waiting for the Mesa OpenGL set, but it couldn't work.

But now he has updated the code and it will be possible to use the dGPU with the NVIDIA proprietary drivers with all the variables needed to open the app with the dedicated GPU.

For KDE folks, he recommends that they use the D-Bus API to do the implementation. The post you can check here.

This makes me extremely excited for the year 2020, because by the indications that we are following, it will be a very good year for the hybrids (I am included in this) in which we will finally be able to get out of the cave, and also be interesting for those who want to play , because in addition to the drivers, Ubuntu and some other distros will start delivering the Feral Interactive gamemode already built in, see the case of ZorinOS 15.1. This is very encouraging. This article does not end here, keep exchanging an idea there in our forum. I hope you see you next time, a strong hug.

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