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Content from Netflix and Claro Vídeo is already appearing on the TV app for Brazilians [atualizado]

The application TV arrived for Brazilians a few months ago, but with two major shortcomings for a platform that intends to place itself as the epicenter of the media consumption experience on Apple TV and iOS: Netflix it's the Claro Video there were two services not yet covered by the platform, neither here nor anywhere in the world. This, however, appears to be changing.

For some weeks now, some readers have been showing us on Twitter that the contents of the two services are already appearing among the programming tips of the TV app, with all the integration expected from the platform including synopses, casts, episode listings, related programs and a lot more.


In the case of Claro Video, the service already appears, even, as one of those officially integrated in the Apple support page regarding the platform's coverage in Brazil. When accessing this screen from the TV app that shows the user the applications that can integrate with the TV app, however, there is no signal from the Claro app; it may be a matter of time before he appears there, but we will have to wait and see.

The case of Netflix is ??even more intriguing: the service is certainly the largest and most important in the world in its segment, it is not officially integrated into the TV app anywhere on the planet and, therefore, is not listed on the support page linked above (nor in Brazil, nor in the rest of the world); their app, of course, is also not among those listed on the App Store. Their series, however, are already appearing normally in searches of Ma's platform, as you can see in the screenshots above and below.


It is possible that Apple is waiting for the right moment to make an official announcement of Netflix's entry into the TV app globally (perhaps some contracts, like the Brazilian one, are more advanced than others). The fact that the platform is now receiving its most important component and what was most missed. Alive! ?

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required to all who sent us this tip!

Update 07/16/2018 at 15:30

Perhaps it is not the case to celebrate in advance. On Twitter, we were alerted by the reader @obitow about this article from 9to5Mac, dated January 2017. The publication shows that, since that time, when the TV app was not even available here, content from Netflix does appear on the service, but that does not mean much.

The "X" of the question is in the universal search feature incorporated by Siri on tvOS and iOS: the assistant can search content from a series of services and platforms, Netflix included, and these results are reflected in the "Search" tab of the TV application.

It does not mean, however, that the content of Netflix is ??integrated into the service: the platform series will not appear in the ?Next? section of the ?Watch now? tab and will not appear highlighted in the ?Explore? tab. If the series or movie in question is also not available on the iTunes Store ("House of Cards", for example, is), it will not even be possible to add it to your Watchlist.

Therefore, with regret we inform you that we must wait seated until a "real" integration appears in the TV application.