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Chinese alliance says Apple should stop selling iPhones in the country

Another day, another chapter of the eternal legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm. Only today neither company actually acted instead, who is in the spotlight a Chinese alliance dedicated to fighting counterfeit products. What?

I explain: in December, a Chinese court issued two preliminary warrants against four local Apple subsidiaries directing the suspension of the sale of some iPhone models due to Qualcomm's alleged patent infringement. Apple ?solved? the problem by changing an iOS animation that would be part of the patents and continued selling the devices normally in the country.

Qualcomm says that Ma is dismissing the decision, continues to violate patents and that it should stop selling the devices in Chinese territory immediately.

what comes in China Anti-Rape and Anti-Counterfeiting Innovation Alliance from China (yes, the big name), a non-governmental institution. She posted an Apple-directed statement on her website, stating that the company must "respect the court decision instead of challenging or stepping into Chinese law, taking advantage of its enormous economic power and influence." The statement, originally written in English, follows:

Aliana noted that Apple's four Chinese subsidiaries linked to the lawsuit did not comply with the order and even refused to receive the court's legally issued warrant. Such an act brought widespread attention, generated heated discussions and even caused great indignation in China and the rest of the world.

It is worth remembering that Aliana's words have no legal value, since it is an NGO; despite this, we are talking about an institution with considerable influence in China companies like Xiaomi and Alibaba are part of its membership, as well as universities and important trade associations in the country. So it's not something that Apple should totally disregard.

Does Ma still have that hot potato to deal with in the near future?

via AppleInsider