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App Store continues to generate almost double the revenue from Google Play

App Store and Google Play for some time, they have been fighting a fierce battle to see who excels in the world of app stores and each one has their own weapons: the Google store has a larger universe of apps and users, while the Apple store has more willing fans in spending money. This dichotomy is perpetuated with each new research carried out and continues to reproduce, according to the most recent data from Sensor Tower.

Taking into account the first half of 2018, the two combined stores generated revenue of $ 34.4 billion, which is good news for everyone comparing the amount with that generated in the same period last year, it is possible to observe a healthy growth of 27.8%. Analyzing the stores separately, the App Store continues to generate almost twice as much revenue as Google Play, generating $ 22.6 billion in the first half of that year.

Sensor Tower survey of app stores, first half of 2018

A trend, however, should be noted: while App Store revenue grew 26.8% year-over-year, this jump was 29.7% on Google's side, that is, the pace there is slightly higher. Not that this should be a source of concern for Apple, of course.

Analyzing only games, the App Store advantage is still evident, but less: in the first half of 2018, the Apple store generated revenue of $ 16.3 billion against $ 10.3 billion on Google Play. The growth of the Google store, however, also outperformed that of its competitor: it was a 26% jump in the year-over-year comparison, against 15.1% on the Ma side.

Sensor Tower survey of app stores, first half of 2018

In terms of absolute downloads, obviously, the App Store eats dust in both apps and games. Google Play has numbers approximately 3x higher than Ma's in both scenarios, although the Cupertino store is seeing its number of downloaded apps grow at a slightly higher rate.

Sensor Tower survey of app stores, first half of 2018

Sensor Tower survey of app stores, first half of 2018

It should be noted, therefore, that the spending pattern of App Store users really much bigger than that of Google Play fans after all, even if they download 3x less apps, they spend 2x more with those who choose to install. Sensor Tower justified this imbalance with the presence of the Apple store in China (Google does not exist there) and the popularity of subscription-based apps (such as Netflix, Spotify, Pandora and Tinder) on the App Store .

Is the paradigm going to hold on much longer?

via TechCrunch