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★ iPlace celebrates anniversary with special promotions


THE iPlace be with special promotions to celebrate your 4 year anniversary.

IPlace is the largest Apple Premium Reseller chain in Brazil, where the consumer has a unique experience when buying an Apple product. With more than 30 stores across Brazil, consumers can experiment, interact with the product and thus know everything about the Apple world with specialized service. In addition to stores, the brand has an e-commerce in which it is possible to find the complete line of Apple products and exclusive accessories.

IPlace storefront

This is the perfect weekend to exchange your device or change the operating system of the notebook, tablet or smartphone and adopt those of Apple: the iPad, iPhone and MacBook will be with special discounts. To go directly to promotions or check out the store nearest you and have the best Apple experience!

Check out the iPlace birthday promotions:

  • 13-inch MacBook Pro: R $ 4,799.00 for R $ 3,999.00 view or 10x R $ 443.90.
  • iPad with discounts of up to R $ 470.00 on sight purchases.
  • iPad Retina (16GB): of R $ 1,749.00 for R $ 1,279.00 view or 10x of R $ 142.90.
  • iPhone 5c: R $ 1,999.00 for R $ 1,749.00 or 10x R $ 189.90.

To visit the complete website, click here.