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↪ New USB standard is expected to hit the market in July this year

New USB standard

The most abundant connector in the technology world, the Universal Serial Bus, is preparing for the most revolutionary change with a new specification that will be finalized in July this year. Breaking physical compatibility with current ports, USB Type-C is much smaller than the USBs you are used to and perhaps most importantly symmetrical. The reversible design means that you will be able to connect a Type-C cable without worrying about the orientation or direction of the cable.

We have already commented on the matter, but now it seems that for real: the new standard should reach the market in July this year, with data transfer speed of up to 10Gbps. As with the transition from the 30-pin connector to the Lightning, this will be ?traumatic? since the new connector is much smaller (replace the USB, Mini-USB and Micro-USB all at once) and will not work with the old standards. It remains to hope that an adapter is launched with the new standard, minimizing the obstacles of this evolution more than necessary. (The Verge)