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↪ Increased use of sapphire crystal in iProducts could give Apple a good competitive advantage

Close on Touch ID - iPhone 5s Home button

Although abundant in nature and in everyday things like soda cans, aluminum was not used prominently in modern electronics until a few years ago. A, Steve Jobs discovered an appreciation for metal, the MacBook unibody was born and a chain reaction started which now allows us to buy hard drives, batteries and even cameras built precisely with aluminum. How did it all happen? And is Apple about to repeat the feat with its latest investment in manufacturing, this one focused on sapphire crystal?

In an excellent article, the The Verge compares the adoption of aluminum in iProducts with the recent case of sapphire crystal which can already be found on the Touch ID of iPhones 5s and will soon be able to replace Gorilla Glass on iGadgets and / or even come to equip the so-called ?iWatch?. The big difference is that, this time, Apple is also controlling the manufacture of the component (in partnership with GT Advanced Technologies) which may give it a good competitive advantage, at least for a longer period. (MacRumors)