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Troubleshooting unsent photos in iCloud Photo Library

THE ICloud library one of those features that no one ever fully understands we even have a post explaining the basic proposal and some features of the tool, but, to be honest, I doubt that even an Apple engineer can explain its operation with complete clarity until the last consequences .

Therefore, we can simply relax and let the Photo Library do its job, which basically synchronize our photos between all devices. Right? No, not so sure: the tool is particularly susceptible to errors and failures here and there; as we do not know very well what we are dealing with, we are left watching ships, without an obvious solution or the like.

Well, to try to at least help in these situations, let's talk about a very common mistake among users who synchronize their records through the iCloud Photo Library: the message ?No Pde Submit?, which appears when a number of images or videos on your Mac could not be exported to the cloud.

Before performing the following steps, check if the image or video in question is within the formats accepted by the iCloud Photo Library in the case of photos, they can be in HEIF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, GIF and TIFF formats, as videos s can be MP4 format. If you are not sure of the extension of your file, just click on it with the right button and click on "Get Information".

Once this basic information has been verified, you can follow the steps below to ?force? the upload of photos and videos to your Photo Library:

  1. In the Photos app on your Mac, go to New Smart Album Archive;
  2. In the name field, type ?No Pde Submit? and choose the following options for the fields below: ?Photo?, ?? and ?cannot be sent to the iCloud Photo Library?; then, click "OK";

    Creating smart album

  3. In the sidebar, select the newly created album; your unsent photos and videos will be there. Press A to select everything and go to File Export Export Original No Modified "x" items;
  4. Leave the "Export Original" field unchecked and, in the fields under "File Naming", select your preferences you can leave the file names intact or name them with a number, for example;
  5. Click on "Export" and select the system folder you want to place (temporarily) the files;
  6. Still in the smart album, press A again to select all the files and delete them from your Photo Library by right clicking on any photo and selecting "Delete" x "items";
  7. Comes Import file and navigate to the folder where you placed the files; select all with A and click "Import".

Ready! So, you ?forced? the iCloud Photo Library to delete these files and import them again. Now, they must be sent correctly to the cloud and everything if the stars are aligned will be in order again. It is worth noting, however, that the edits made to the images will be lost since you exported the original files to try to correct the upload problem that was not done. ?

We hope to have helped and see you next time!