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Tim Cook received more than $ 135 million in 2018

Imagine that you have not read the title above: you know how much Tim Cook received in 2018? $ 15,682,219.00. That was the remuneration that the Apple CEO pocketed last year taking into account salary and other incentives, according to the most recent document sent. U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

More specifically, Cook received $ 3 million in salary (about $ 250,000 per month) along with $ 12 million in incentives granted for his performance at the company; in addition, he was awarded about $ 682,000 for unspecified ?other compensation? in all, the executive earned $ 3 million more compared to his 2017 pay.

It is worth noting that the amount listed by the company does not include stock premiums that Cook received in 2018. When adding this amount to the account, he received more than $ 135 million in the period $ 120 million is from Apple shares. In the future, if he continues as CEO of Apple, the executive will still receive $ 189 million in shares (as far as he can redeem them).

Ma also reported in the report that the 2018 salary for the average employee was $ 55,426; in this group are Apple Store employees. This means that the company's CEO received the equivalent of 283 annual salaries from the company's employees, as described in the document itself.

Other important company executives were also well rewarded, partly thanks to the company's bonuses. The COO Jeff Williams, the CFO Luca Maestri, the legal director Kate Adams and the head of retail Angela Ahrendts received wages of more than $ 1 million and share premiums that totaled $ 25 million in 2018.

The Apple report also includes salary details for other executives, proposals that will be voted at the shareholders' meeting in March and a retrospective of Apple's achievements in 2018 (such as having started to operate 100% with renewable energy) and more.

via MacRumors