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Rumor: Apple would be strongly considering launching Macs with ARM processors

Apple computers currently use Intel processors (x86 architecture); on the other hand, iPads and iPhones / iPods touch are equipped with chips designed by Ma (ARM architecture).

Rumors that Apple would be preparing to exchange the x86 architecture for ARM on its computers are not today (1, 2, 3, 4 just to link some). This week, the subject came back with everything.

Apple A7 chip

Based on its own sources, the French website said (Google Translate) that Macs with ARM chips have been in development within Apple's labs for a long time, and that the company has not started this transition yet, as it would be in doubt as to what would be the best time for that.

In addition to ARM-based OS X, Apple would already have some very functional machines like a Mac mini equipped with four ARM processors quad-core 64-bit and an iMac with up to eight equivalent processors. According to them, there is also a 13-inch MacBook (also with up to eight chips quad-core) and with a redesigned trackpad, larger than the current one.

Obviously, such a transition has its pros and cons. One of the biggest pros, without a doubt, would be energy efficiency and greater integration between hardware and software designed by Apple itself; already in the list of cons, users could no longer run Windows on Macs using tools like Boot Camp and virtualizers.

(via AppleInsider)