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Qualcomm rebut Tim Cook's statements, calling them “misleading”

In a recent interview CNBC, Tim Cook commented among other matters the legal dispute that Apple hangs with Qualcomm in different courts around the world. For him, the chip manufacturer acts in a wrong way by demanding a license and the purchase of chips, besides not offering the use of its patents in a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory way.

To top it off, the executive said the last conversation between the companies took place in the third quarter of 2018, while Qualcomm?s chief executive, Steve Mollenkopf, said in November that talks about a possible deal would be close to a happy ending.

Shortly after the interview, Qualcomm responded to Cook's statements, calling them "Misleading". As reported by Reuters, the San Diego chip maker maintained its position, supporting the statements of its executive director:

(Apple's statement) is again misleading and appears to be a deliberate and timed attempt to tarnish our company's reputation. We have been consistent for the past 18 months in making it clear that, at various times, we have been in discussions with Apple about a possible solution to our licensing dispute. We have also stated clearly on several occasions that we believe it will be resolved, in one way or another, in the near future, whether through an agreement or court decisions.

It is clear that something is not right when the two companies disagree even in something as simple as confirming or not talking about a possible agreement. Still, Qualcomm is right: in one way or another (whether in conversation or in a fight), this dispute will be resolved.

via AppleInsider