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Most iOS users don't like app subscriptions

The application stores serve, in addition to their expected use, for research and analysis companies to study the main characteristics of this billion dollar market, in which the focus, obviously, is the two largest stores today: App Store, from Apple, and the Google PlayIt's good, you know whose.

We recently commented that the App Store continues to generate double revenue compared to Google Play. According to a new survey conducted by Creative Strategies and released by Tech.pinions, Ma's app store is also featured in navigation. According to the report's results, 20% of iOS users browse the App Store daily, while 32% do so weekly. With regard to Google Play, 9% of Android users said that they browse the store daily and another 21% about once a week.

Still according to the research, the search tool the App Store is not the most used by users to discover and download new applications. Although this data is new, it does not come as a surprise, since since the launch of the new look of the App Store, navigation has increased as the main way to discover new apps.

When it's about buy or in an app, the survey found that 38% of iOS users rely more on releases (app information provided by the developer) than in other people's comments and ratings. Meanwhile, 44% of Google Play customers cited users' opinions as the main reason for the decision.

As it could not be missing, at last the research dealt with consumption habits from users of the two app stores and proved the obvious: iOS device owners spend more on paid apps and subscriptions than Android smartphone / tablet owners. More specifically, 45% for the App Store and 19% for Google Play.

Still, both iOS and Android users said they didn't care about the internal purchases (In-App Purchases) in apps, among which 56% of App Store customers and 64% of Google Play stated that ?they don't feel cheated when making an in-app purchase or subscription to an app?.

Among the results pointed out by the report, the one I believe to be the most important refers to users' dissatisfaction with starting a subscription to use a feature that could be unlocked from an internal purchase, for example. In the survey, 54% of iOS users and 47% of Android users responded that they would prefer to make a single payment instead of initiating an internal subscription.

Creative Strategies interviewed about 800 smartphone owners in the United States for the survey. If it were done in Brazil, would the results be similar? You tell us!

via 9to5Mac