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Instagram now allows you to remove followers from your public account – among other news

Another week, another wave of news in the Instagram this time, very focused on privacy and usage control. Shall we take a look at them?

Remove followers

The first tool that is arriving the largest social network in the world (and probably the future largest social network in the world, period) was sighted and confirmed by The Verge. This is a feature that allows users remove followers of your profiles, even if your accounts are public.

New feature to remove followers on Instagram

Until now, Instagram allowed the removal of followers only from closed profiles, but the new tool should offer a more "mild" option for anyone who wants a certain user to stop following his steps in the feed and in Stories without necessarily blocking it.

Of course, nothing prevents the removed profile from noticing that it has been ?politely expelled? from your list of followers and does it again (or, even worse, will satisfy you), the solution is really blocking. I imagine that Instagram is thinking of the feature more as something directed at those accounts that don?t call you very much and that are just there doing numbers or something.

The feature is already appearing for a number of users on Android and, to put it in action, just access your list of followers and touch the three dots on the right side of each account. Soon, the tool should spread to all Instagram users.

Improved two-factor authentication

An article published yesterday by Motherboard has caused fear in the tech community around the world by describing a cyber attack that takes control of a person's phone number and allows hackers to receive their text messages, allowing them to change their password on services that offer two-factor authentication only via SMS like Instagram, which, incidentally, is a favorite target of criminals (who use the attack to take control of accounts with usernames short or targeted).

The social network of photos responded polemically quickly, confirming to the TechCrunch who is building a new authentication method for two factors that works in ways other than SMS, such as the Google Authenticator or Duo authentication apps. A reader of the site provided screenshots of the new tool still being tested on Android:

Instagram's two-factor authentication method

Instagram's two-factor authentication method

We still don't know when the new two-factor authentication method will be released for all users, but considering the urgency of the situation, it is expected that Instagram will act quickly on the matter. So we hope, at least.

Verification form

Among all social networks, the account verified on Instagram is the most desired of all and, at the same time, the most difficult to obtain. The network never provided an official means for users to request verification (as Twitter has been doing for years, for example), which has created an entire obscure market of people who say they have contacts at the company and charge up to $ 15,000 (!) For authenticate your profile which, as expected, generates a number of blows and other delicate situations.

Now, as the newspaper reported Nine, this should be left behind: public figures may request verification of your accounts using an official form, which can be accessed in the settings of the Instagram app itself. For now, the feature is being tested only on the iOS app in some locations in Australia and other unspecified countries and it is not known when it will be made official.

New Instagram verification request form

It is good to note that, in case you are thinking that, therefore, anyone will be able to obtain the chic blue seal, you are sadly mistaken: Instagram continues to define profile verification as an exclusive feature ?for the authentic presence of a notable public figure , a celebrity, a global brand or an entity ?. Therefore, it does not help that your photos are very good or that you have followers in the four digits.

Questions sticker on Stories

This one needs no introduction: if you have an Instagram account, you?ve certainly been bombarded with the new feature, introduced last week, while taking a peek at Stories of your contacts. The new question stickers are defined by the network as another form of interaction on the ever-growing platform of ephemeral content and serve to bring you even closer to friends (or potential friends).

New stickers with Instagram questions

You can take advantage of the new tool by pulling the sticker drawer (by sliding your finger upwards) on the edit screen of a Story. Just type in a phrase, like ?ask me questions? and post the content so your friends can send questions directly to you. The questions will be visible in the list of those who viewed the Story and you can touch any of them to answer your other followers will not know who asked the question, unless you choose to quote the person.

The feature, as you certainly already know, is already available to all users of the network.

Instagram app icon

via 9to5Mac, Mashable