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Impressive: Fortnite has generated over $ 1 billion in revenue since its launch

If a time traveler reasonably versed in the world of technology left 2008 to this day, he would certainly have serious difficulties in believing this news, but the most true: a virtual game has just passed $ 1 billion in revenue, as the analysis firm informed SuperData.

In this case, the game in question is the phenomenon of popularity Fortnite, which was open to all users on iOS last April and is only a little over a year old. To give you an idea, $ 1 billion almost the revenue generated by the blockbuster movie box office like ?Black Panther? or ?Star Wars: The Last Jedi?.

Even more impressive to note that all this revenue was generated only with In-App Purchases (the game is, after all, free) and that no paid elements of Fortnite are mandatory for the continuation of the narrative, the items are static or secondary, such as clothes or dance moves. And, according to SuperData, the game's popularity curve is upward (and it should jump even more when it finally reaches Android).

Although the analysis doesn't divide Fortnite's revenue by platform, it wouldn't be crazy to say that iOS must be contributing a considerable part of that billion, we know, after all, that iPhones and iPad owners are particularly likely to spend money.

Incredible, isn't it? ?

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via IGN