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How to put music on Whatsapp Status: learn 3 different ways

To put music on WhatsApp Status, it is necessary to resort to some tricks. After all, unlike Instagram and Facebook Stories, the tool does not offer the feature natively.

AppGeek shows you how to share music from Spotify and other music services streaming in the Status. Also check out how to post an entire YouTube music clip to the service.

How to put music in WhatsApp Status

As it is not a native resource, I need to find a way to post music on Status. The trick is quite simple and only requires the user to subscribe to some streaming of music.

1. Open the Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer app or whatever your service is streaming of music. Play on the music you want to share in the Status;

2. Open WhatsApp and tap the tab Status;

put music in WhatsApp status

3. To create a new post, go to the +, beside My status;

4. Notice that the music keeps playing, even with WhatsApp open. It will be played on the video you capture. To do this, wait for the moment of the song you want to share and hold the central red button to record the video;

  • Tip: if you want to publish only the music and not the environment you are in, cover the camera with your finger or a dark fabric.

5. When you finish recording, you can insert emojis and texts. The feature can be a great solution to make the Status more attractive, if you have chosen to leave the screen dark;

put music on Whatsapp status

6. Insert the caption, if you want, and complete the publication on the green arrow in the lower right corner.

There, your Status with music is done. Just remember that the limit for each video is only 30 seconds. Which means that in one post it is not possible to place an entire pipe. If you want to do this, follow the next step by step.

How to put whole music in WhatsApp Status

Unlike Status, apps for streaming do not work in the background when the cell phone camera is open. If you want to put an entire song on the Status, you will need to use a screen recording app. It will also be necessary to use a video editing program.

The capture application will allow you to record the song in full. As for editing, divide the content into small clips of 30 seconds. When shared in sequence, the stretches look like a whole video, without cuts.

In the case of the iPhone, the screen capture tool is a native feature, starting from iOS 11. Check out how to do it in our tutorial on how to record the screen of Android and iPhone phones in real time.

To perform the procedure, we will use the AZ Screen Recorder and Story Split applications, available only for Android. If you are an iPhone user, we suggest the similar app CutStory for Instagram.

1 step: record the music

1. Download the AZ Screen Recorder app;

2. When opening it for the first time, it will be necessary to give permission for the program to override other apps to take screenshots. So go on Go to allow this;

3. Now activate the key for the option Allow overlay to other apps;

  • When you return, you will see an orange camera icon appear in the left corner of the screen. This indicates that AZ Screen Recorder is ready to be used.

4. So, open Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or the streaming you use. Access the music you want to share through Status. To be visually more interesting, tap on the name in the bar at the bottom of the screen and change the display to full screen;

5. Touch the orange camera symbol on the left side of the screen;

put music on whatsapp status

6. Then, access the camera icon, in red, to start recording;

7. A window will appear informing you that the app will start capturing everything that is displayed on the screen. Touch Start now;

8. Now, play on the music and let it play;

9. When the music is finished, drag the top of the screen down to end the capture. The options to pause, stop and take notes on the recording screen will be displayed. V in the square to stop;

put music on whatsapp status

10. A written window appears Video saved (video saved, in Portuguese). Ready, the video is finished and stored in the folder AzRecorderFree. If you want to make any edits to the video, touch the magic wand icon to edit. If you don't want to, close the window on X;

11. The video editor will open. If desired, cut, adjust the volume of the audio, add sticker or text. Complete the edit in Cut text;

  • The moment when the recording ended appears on the video. If you want to remove, drag the bar from right to left, to the section where you want it. To find out if it is correct, touch the play icon. If everything is ok, go to Cut video;

12. Wait until the video finishes processing. Soon, it will be saved in the folder AzVideoEdit, inside the app Photos Android.

2 stage: cut the video

Screen with the recorded music, now it's time to cut the video in 30-second sections.

1. Download the Story Split app;

2. Open Story Split. In Select folder, choose the folder AzVideo Edit or AzRecorderFree, if you have not edited the file;

put music on whatsapp status

3. Tap on the video you want to cut. A preview will be displayed, go to Next to continue;

4. On the next screen, place 30 below option Split per Part (divide by part, in free translation). Check if the unit of measure is in Secs (seconds). Beside, the app informs how many parts the video will be divided into;

5. follow on Continues;

6. Wait for the video splitting process to finish, which may take a few minutes. When finished, the video clips will be available in the folder Story Split.

Step 3: Publish the song in full

1. Open WhatsApp as usual and tap the tab Status;

put music on whatsapp status

2. Comes My status to make the publication;

3. By default, the most recent photo and video files appear in thumbnail. If you need to see older videos, drag your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen;

4. Touch and hold for a few seconds on the last stretch of the video in the sequence, which is actually the beginning of the video. This will select the section and allow you to publish it together with the others. Then touch the other parts, always from the last to the first section;

put music on whatsapp status

5. Confirm in OK, in the upper right corner of the screen;

6. Confirm that the video order is correct and add subtitles or edits to each one, individually, if you want. Finalize the publication by touching the circle with the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen.

As Status displays the films published in sequence, the video appears as if it were whole, without the user having to play each part.

How to put YouTube music clip in WhatsApp Status

To put an entire music clip in WhatsApp Status, you need to perform a three-step process. The first is to download the video from YouTube through the Online Video Converter website.

Then, you have to cut the downloaded video with the Story Split app. Then, just post the excerpts in the Status.

The tutorial Learn how to put entire YouTube videos in WhatsApp Status shows the step by step of this process. Check out!

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