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Here is a compilation with the latest changes visible in the betas of iOS 12, from watchOS 5 from macOS Mojave 10.14

Apple's new operating systems are now all in their fourth beta. There is still a long way to go, probably with a few more test compilations, but at this point the trend is that we don't see many visible changes in them; the time to trim edges and fix bugs for the official releases scheduled for September / October.

We have already published three screenshot galleries for iOS 12, one for macOS 10.14 Mojave and one for watchOS 5 with the new features:

Here, we will make a unique compilation with what has changed in their last betas. Let's go?

iOS 12

IOS 12 beta screenshotNew variations of lips in the creation of a Memoji. | Image: Marcelo Melo
IOS 12 beta screenshotNow, App Store searches return suggestions from developers and stories as well. | Image: Marcelo Melo
IOS 12 beta screenshotNew option to generate an link pointing directly to your photo. It is active for 30 days. | Image: Marcelo Melo

New animation of cell bars looking for signal.

IOS 12 beta screenshotThe cell data consumption screen now sorts apps by consumption, and no more alphabetically. It makes a lot more sense that way. | Image: Marcelo Melo
IOS 12 beta screenshotWhen you activate Usage Time for the first time, iPhone now confirms that you are the parent or child. | Image: Maxuel Lazzarotto

Apple seems to have enabled the ability to move the cursor in texts even on iPhones without 3D Touch. It works by tapping and holding the space key a little. | Video: Fernando Tauscheck

IOS 12 beta screenshotNew stickers from the Activity app in Messaging. | Image: Marcelo Melo

Shortcuts (Shortcuts)

In addition to the iOS 12 betas themselves, developers now have separate access to the new Shortcuts app (Shortcuts) that comes from Workflow, acquired by Apple just over a year ago. The base of the app is all there, without any of its pre-existing powers "tapped" or something like that. Shortcuts previously created in Workflow are even automatically imported into the new one.

Images: Marcelo Melo

The biggest news of Atalho, obviously, will be its native integration with Siri. With this, in addition to users being able to create complex chains of commands, all of this can be invoked through personalized voice commands. This in itself greatly increases the potential of Apple's virtual assistant.

As we have already reported here on the site, the Brazilian Guilherme Rambo launched the Sharecuts site for users in the future to be able to share shortcuts among themselves.

watchOS 5

The new Walkie-Talkie app is functional on the latest betas and even includes a personalized volume indicator right where the Digital Crown.

The resource "Raise to Speak" (?Stand Up to Speak?) from Siri activated in Watch Settings is also already working, as shown in the video above MacRumors. The movement to activate it is very particular and you really need to speak directly to the watch in a normal tone of voice. The first reports are that it works very well.

Siri's display now shows your heart rate recovery rate after exercise.

New complications in the Astronomy display.

WatchOS 5 beta screenshotIt is now possible to transfer calls from iPhone to Apple Watch. | Image: Arnon Rodrigues

macOS Mojave 10.14

Detail well thought out on the "About This Mac" screen.

Apple added a second dynamic wallpaper to Mojave, as shown in the video above the TechReview. It is a simple solar gradient, which accompanies the color / luminosity of the sky during the day.

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