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Future update of HomePod includes support for calls and “Find My iPhone”

Since it was launched, the HomePod received some updates (1, 2, 3) for bug fixes and other improvements, Siri with two new languages ??(German and French), in addition to the arrival of support for the AirPlay 2 protocol including the possibility for users to create a close pair with two HomePods .

Showing its dedication to the new product, it seems that Apple intends to make available a new version of audioOS (modified version of iOS that gives life to HomePod) probably this year in September, along with iOS 12 with other good news.

As disclosed by the iGeneration, a beta version of the next HomePod software that is only available to Ma employees and some retail customers brings interesting new features to the device. Among these, the French website reported that the speaker can receive and make calls, support the ?Find My iPhone? feature and also the option to define several timers simultaneously.

As it is today, HomePod is unable to make calls, the device does not have access or an iPhone contact list and also does not inform when a call is received. In order for it to be used during a call, the speaker owner must make or accept a call and then manually switch the audio output to the device. However, the HomePod testing software indicates that the speaker can have access to the user's contacts, allowing them start a call directly from the speaker.

The report also points out that HomePod owners may listening to voice messages (voicemails) and search your call history on your device.

THE Crabobviously was not left out and should receive improvements in general and Find My iPhone support; that way, you can ask an assistant to locate your iPhone (or any of your other devices) and have it play a sound.

In addition, it is expected that in audioOS 12 it will be possible to define more than one timer (timer) simultaneously on the Ma speaker. In this way, if you are performing one more activity, the device will remind you of the time of each task individually, an interesting feature that is available in competing products of HomePod.

Another possible new feature of HomePod is actually a solution for Wi-Fi of the device, which can allow the owners of the speaker to switch to the wireless networks known by the iPhone paired with it. Currently, users can only choose which network to connect to during the initial setup of the HomePod.

It is important to emphasize that, like any system under testing, these features can be changed, improved or even removed completely when it is officially launched. Therefore, there is no way to predict what news Apple should actually implement in the final version. For you, which would be the most interesting among the aforementioned?

via 9to5Mac