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Facebook Messenger gains Boomerang and new selfie features | Social networks

As in the social network of photos and videos, the Boomerang feature allows you to make videos in looping, that is, short animations as if they were GIFs. Another novelty is the Selfie mode that makes the user stand out, with focus and brightness, and the background is blurred. With the new features, the user now has five camera modes to make videos and photos in Stories: Normal, Video, Text were previously available -, Boomerang and Selfie.

In addition to these last two, the user can download new packages of stickers with augmented reality technology to add in photos and videos. Another feature allows masks and filters with the theme of the holiday season on Stories.

Facebook recently won Group Stories. The tool allows you to view and post videos, photos or texts within the groups you participate in, whether as a member or administrator, for example, which disappear within 24 hours.