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Doppler allows you to organize your music library directly on iOS

Since Spotify, Apple Music and limited company dominated the minds and ears of music listeners worldwide, habits more roots in the musical organization they were basically left behind and I take as an example myself, that for years I have worked on building a perfectly organized library on iTunes with all my favorite artists and now it is there, left behind and replaced by a playlist on Spotify.

For the brave resisters who still enjoy looking after their own music files, however, a problem has arisen: managing your library is easy on a Mac or PC, but almost impossible on a mobile device. The application Doppler enough to (try) to remedy this limitation.

Doppler app icon 1 - Music Player

The app is an important ally of users who reject solutions to streaming and prefer to have their own library, available offline and perfectly organized in the way they deem most convenient. With Doppler, you can import your iTunes purchases or audio files saved in the Files app; a built-in metadata editor ensures that you always leave the music with the right information.

In terms of reproduction, the app is one player very complete, with the option of separating your music by artists, albums or genres, a complete search tool and an easily editable queue; it also supports, of course, streaming for devices (via Bluetooth or AirPlay).

Note that I'm only talking about music, but Doppler can also be a good platform to organize podcast episodes downloaded from SoundCloud or other platforms in reality, any audio file in MP3, FLAC, AAC or WAV formats supported, so you you can let your imagination run wild and make use of the app as you wish.

Version 1.2 of the recently released Doppler brings yet another useful feature: an extension to the Safari sharing menu, which allows the addition of files downloaded from the internet (such as tracks by amateur artists or mixtapes free DJs, for example) directly from the browser. The update also supports the scrobbling is a tool that automatically searches for the album cover or compact for the track you are adding but you can still choose any image from your library, if you prefer.

Doppler is available on the App Store for R $ 13. It is worth checking!

via MacRumors