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Don't expect a cheaper iMac or 8GB iPhone 5s on this WWDC

Colors of iPhones 5sJust yesterday, a rumor ran across the web that Apple was going to launch a cheapest iMac it is a 8GB iPhone 5s at WWDC 2014, whose opening keynote will take place next Monday (2/6).

Ns, do MacMagazine, we decided to ignore the "news" because it was another one of those released by "analysts" in this case, one that even has a good hit record: Ming-Chi Kuo, from KGI Securities.

It didn't take long for the forecasts to go downhill: Jim Dalrymple, from The Loop, which is known to have very hot sources within Apple, responded to the rumor with its traditional "Nope." it is practically an official answer that we will have neither a cheaper iMac nor an 8GB iPhone 5s in this WWDC (this, then, I would find totally meaningless).

It is worth noting, however, that Dalrymple did not deny the long-awaited arrival of new iMacs only said that we will not have a cheaper model. Whether what we will have is a modest upgrade (similar to what happened recently with MacBooks Air) or a totally new version, who knows even with Retina screens, we will know in a few days.