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CES 2019: Sphero rings make music on any surface

Maybe you know the Sphero by robots based on characters from "Star Wars", like the BB-8 that felt like Christmas a few years ago. But the company is in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 to show its new, more educational and device-centric face based on intellectual development. In this technique, they demonstrated their first and most interesting creation, the Specdrums.

Specdrums are, roughly speaking, rings equipped with optical sensors that read the colors your fingers touch to make music. An app for iOS or Android, to which devices must be paired, serves for users to control and define the sound corresponding to each color; from there, just go around the world touching the rings on surfaces of different shades to create real orchestras governed by your fingers.

Musical Rings Specdrums, by Sphero

Strictly speaking, the Specdrums already existed, Sphero bought the startup is responsible for the gadgets and is relaunching them now with the renewed musical proposal and the Specdrums Mix app, which allows recording of sounds to assign to colors or the download of different instrument kits. Developers are also free to create other uses for devices using the Python language.

Specdrums communicate with each other and with the receiving device via Bluetooth and are recharged via a Micro-USB connector; each charge makes them work for about two hours. They are already available for purchase on the Sphero website for $ 65 the unit or $ 100 In the package with two, the idea is, after all, that you use multiple rings for simultaneous mixing. Nice, huh?

Specdrums Edu app icon

via The Verge