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CES 2019: Sony, Kenwood, JVC and Alpine launch receivers with CarPlay support

After dozens of news for gadgets and computers presented during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, instead of talking a little about multimedia devices for cars like the new ones receivers Sony, Kenwood, JVC and Alpine that support the CarPlay from Apple.


Sony introduced its latest multimedia receiver with wireless support to CarPlay, the XAV-AX7000. According to the manufacturer, the device has a more modern look and now has a dedicated button for voice control.

Sony XAV-AX7000 multimedia receiver

The XAV-AX7000 has the same touch screen 6.9 inches from its predecessor, the XAV-AX5000; however, Sony strove for sound quality and added four 100W Class D amplifier cards for ?more impactful sound?. In addition, the receiver has a 5V output for a clearer sound with less distortion when it is connected to an external amplifier.

As with the previous model, the XAV-AX7000 has two USB-A ports and supports Android Auto. Naturally, both receivers have a Bluetooth connection, compatibility with the SiriusXM broadcast system (in the USA) and the same initialization time after the vehicle is powered on (about 2x faster than the XAV-AX100 model).

Sony explained that the XAV-AX7000 will be available in North America from June this year, and prices are expected to be announced by then. The device will be sold in the US for about $ 400.


Not only was a multimedia panel model with support for CarPlay, Japanese manufacturer Kenwood launched Seven new receivers as part of its product line eXcelon, compatible with Ma's vehicle system. The main model, DMX7705S, also has support for Android Auto. The other models with complete wireless functions are: NX996XR, DDX9906XR, DDX8906S, DMX906S, DNR876S, DDX8706S and DMX9706S.

Kenwood DMX7705S multimedia receiver

The DMX7705S model has an LCD touch screen 6.9-inch, supports Bluetooth and has two USB-A ports and two RCA video inputs for installing rear and front view cameras.

In addition, the receiver allows two smartphones to be connected simultaneously, making it possible to switch them in a simple way to avoid taking your hands off the steering wheel. As for audio, the device uses the Hi-Resolution Audio standard for ?a rich, high-quality experience?.

The DMX7705S is for sale at Kenwood online dealers; at Best Buy, for example, the receiver is available for $ 350.


From the same organization as Kenwood, JVC also launched its first receivers multimedia devices offering wireless connectivity with CarPlay and Android Auto. Unlike the sister company model, the receiver KW-M855BW has a touch screen 6.8 inches but with the same functions and quality as the above.

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Similarly, the company also launched the model KW-V950BW, which has the same configurations as the KW-M855BW; the only difference is that this version has a CD player at the top.

Both have intelligent sound configuration options to make the most of the vehicle's sound. The manufacturer's suggested price for the KW-V950BW is $ 700, while the KW-M855BW model is expected to cost $ 600.


Alpine Electronics also launched two new multimedia receivers this week with support for CarPlay and Android Auto, but wired. The first model, iLX-W650, has a screen of 7 inches and about 6 centimeters deep, to fit vehicles that do not have much depth behind the panel.

Alpine iLX-W650 multimedia receiver

In addition, this model also has a support for the new KTA-450 amplifier, allowing it to fit into the open space behind the receiver. Even with this support, the depth of the device and the amplifier is less than that of a standard 7-inch receiver.

Alpine iLX-F259 multimedia receiver

Alpine also added the model iLX-F259 its Halo9 product line. Just like the version launched last year (iLX-F309), the new receiver has a 9-inch screen that ?hangs? over the panel, allowing it to be installed in a variety of vehicles without any problem.

Precisely due to this adjustment option, the iLX-F259 can be tilted at four different angles to better match the inclination and the vehicle panel. Despite the extra size, the receiver has no CD / DVD input.

Both models support Bluetooth, SiriusXM and USB-A ports to connect the iPhone. Although they do not allow wireless connections, Alpine has another model that has this connection option, the iLX-107.

Alpine sells the W650 model for $ 500, while the F259 version costs $ 800.

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